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We recognise the importance of consistently pioneering new approaches by being different and totally unique in all areas of what we do. Achieving our objective requires precision and detailed understanding of each of the touchpoint categories that will ultimately captivate and have the desired effect in defined markets, to shift sentiment. We consult and then conceptualise the creative design concept; handle production, manage the roll-out, and maintain a high level of focused awareness during the campaign.

Our media products have gained our clients and associated suppliers major exposure nationwide. Every campaign is carefully planned to offer a relevant fit for the associated brands; matched to the correct target market and managed to offer maximum ROI. Designed to ultimately influence or directly affect the behaviour of the targeted audience. This is achieved by a stringent consideration that will be given to all points, to be sourced in determining the types of messages and media that will best serve maximum sell-through!



Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd established in 1999, converted to a public company in 2012.

RCS - 0861-SOLUTIONS -  the ultimate sales communication solution platform

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