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Promotions & Activations

Our Promotional & Activation Division promises unforgettable sell through interactive multi-sensory experiences, whilst capturing the imagination and evoke an emotive connectivity and commitment to the brand

Our team of specialists works together to follow your brief from inception, the initial thought process, brand identification, devising a tailor-made blueprint, delivery through an experiential strategic message to the target market, appealing to their senses through engagement, inspiration, product delivery and building exceptional Value.

We plant the seeds before the project, manage the roll-out, and maintain a high level of focussed awareness long after the initial flurry of publicity is over. Our follow through is what has gained our clients and associated sponsors major exposure to date.

Every Promotion/Activation is carefully planned to offer a relevant fit for the associated brands, matched to the correct target market and managed to offer maximum ROI.

We engage our clients, we provide a portal that affords clients the opportunity to bridge the gap and afford unique interactive experiences between product and customer

Promotional & Activation Division Strategy

The strength of The/RCS/Group connectivity partnerships affords us the opportunity and brain power to design proven blueprints that enhance Brand equity, influencing behaviour and achieving accountability.

Our Strategy is a communications process which entails the planning, creation, integration and implementation of Promotions/Activations that is delivered over time to a brands targeted customer/consumer.

Designed to ultimately influence or directly affect the behaviours of the targeted audience. This is achieved by a stringent consideration that will give to all touch points, sourced in determining the types of messages and media that will serve best to inform, persuade and induce action.


It’s not only what we do, it's how we do it that sets us apart.


Lateral thinking ensures that the campaign is developed for the entity, brand or product and stands out from the competition and has a unique holistic approach.

Strategic planning

Research and careful consideration of the brand/product and its target market.


When designing a Promotion or Activation, we ensure that the brand image is accurately

     portrayed and the brand messages are communicated clearly, and that all facets of the

     Promotion or Activation is in harmony with the Brand.


     A comprehensive budget is drawn up, detailing all necessary components of the campaign

     - no unpleasant surprises.

National coordination

     We have the ability to provide logistics nationally, thereby providing a vital link between     

     the client and the various regions.


     You can expect a first class service your team that is driven, passionate, flexible and   

     professional and do whatever it takes to work on your brand.


We recognise the importance of consistently pioneering new approaches by being different and totally unique in all areas of what we do. Achieving our objective requires precession analysis to each of the touch point categories that will ultimately captivate and have the desired effect in defined markets in order to shift sentiment.

We constantly strive to raise the bar in our overall delivery to our clients, by ensuring precision implementation.

The blueprint for each product delivery is to ensure meticulous attention to final delivery, followed by hi-tech monitoring systems and articulate feedback systems


It is our goal to elevate reputations through creative use of a suite of strategic communication channels. We understand that it is the effective communication and delivery of brand strategy that enhances reputation and brand recognition both nationally and internationally. Understanding of a brand marketing strategy and the desired results means that RCS/Media utilises our extensive media knowledge to plan and execute campaigns that will not only be impactful but strategically relevant. It is our use of recommended media platforms and technology that will ensure optimum success and return on investment.

The most powerful opportunity to create the magic wow factor is in the moment, you only have one chance to make that impression. Consumer behaviour proves that when customers engage with the product, the opportunity is all encompassing. It is this design philosophy that empowers us to change the game.