About us

Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd, known simply as RCS, was established in 1999 and is an accredited BBBEE Level 2 supplier.

As a strategic business communication platform, we offer bespoke communication, sales, media, product launch and activation services that complement your business communication strategy.

At RCS, we pride ourselves on being fuelled by the energy and passion of our clients and associates, and we harness the potential and quality of our skilled professionals to deliver astounding results.

Let us help you grow your business!


Our innate understanding of building brand value enables us to add value when highlighting product offerings, thereby attracting more attention and igniting greater interest. We lead through innovation, passion and commitment, and core to our philosophy is to constantly challenge the status quo and reach for the added edge in all our interventions.

We welcome disruptive methodology when approaching campaigns and activations to ensure effective cutting-edge communication and service applications. Our adaptable solutions interpret your dreams and help you realise your vision – and the true potential of the returns.

As a complement of specialists with exceptional skills, we surround ourselves with the best-of-the-best to achieve maximum impact for our clients.



To consistently remain current and impactful through innovation and connectivity.



To interpret the dream and then deliver on the objective.

To devise and interpret effective communication strategies to help you connect with your customers.



At RCS, we believe that an effective operating support platform and structured business model creates synergy and evokes passion and creativity, which is paramount to defining global trends and providing ultimate solutions.

We know that no single element can guarantee success. That’s why we bring meticulous planning, strategic positioning, knowledge, creativity, productivity and an underlying passion and commitment to each and every project.


Craig Berman

Co-Founder - Director of Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Craig is a South African communication and business strategist with an extraordinary ability to find innovative solutions and devise strategy to define markets and grow business.

As co-founder of The RCS Group, Craig has spent many years adapting communication solutions for businesses to develop, grow and sustain themselves in relevant markets.

What gives Craig the edge is his ability to identify the required application and intervention, and this definitive characteristic is fast becoming a blueprint for effective business growth.

Craig believes in the power of collaboration, synergy and association in business, which led him to combine Media and Event Activation as part of the RCS performance global offering.

Tyrone Watkins

Co-Founder & Director of Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Tyrone is one of the founding Directors of Retail Communication Solutions as well as director for Tyrone Watkins Productions, a division of The RCS Group.

Tyrone brings to RCS a wealth of expertise, right from the creative platform through to concept, strategy and implementation.

His passion for developing people and relationships through the RCS channel forms the backbone of his vision.

A few Celebrated Clients


We are privileged to showcase our long-term partnerships, featuring some of South Africa's leading blue-chip companies to whom we provide a myriad of service offerings.

BBBEE Accreditation

Retail Communication Solutions (Pty) Ltd (t/a The RCS Group) is a proudly South African company with a Level 2 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) rating in recognition of our compliance with BEE legislation.

BBBEE Certificate